Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air

If you ship lithium batteries by air, you need to be aware of all regulations or you could face stiff fines for any violations.  New IATA regulations state that lithium metal batteries packaged by themselves as cargo can no longer be transported on passenger aircraft after January 1st, 2015.  This restriction does not apply to lithium metal batteries packed with equipment or contained in equipment.

Compliance with shipping hazardous materials does not just rest on the carrier, the shipper is also responsible so it is important that you understand precisely what types of batteries you are shipping and include that information on your shipping documents.  When transporting hazardous materials always discuss it in detail with your carrier.  If they do not sound knowledgeable, find another carrier.

At Titan Services you can always rely on our trained HazMat specialists to properly package, label, document and ship your hazardous materials so that you are always in compliances with all government and shipping industry regulations.

Below are two guides that can help you better understand these regulations.

IATA Lithium Battery Guide

DOT Shipping Batteries by Air Guide

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